Here is the Harry Potter Character You’d Be, Based mostly On Your Myers-Briggs® Character Kind

As a millennial, I grew up with the Harry Potter collection and its beloved characters. I transitioned from studying of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s adventures within the consolation of my childhood bed room to studying the tales to my very own kids as they grew. I at all times discovered the wizarding world inspirational; selflessness, friendship, braveness, and dedication have been the cornerstones of every character’s particular person journey.

Whereas as readers, we already suppose we all know the Harry Potter character’s inside out, I although it might be enjoyable to have a look at their personalities by way of the lens of the Myers-Briggs Kind Indicator® (MBTI). So let’s check out the persona sorts of our favourite Hogwarts heroes and villains!

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The Myers-Briggs® Character Varieties of the Harry Potter Characters

Albus Dumbledore – ENFJ

Albus Dumbledore is an ENFJ

Albus Dumbledore is likely one of the most beloved characters within the Harry Potter collection, and his ENFJ persona shines by way of in his altruistic, visionary nature. He’s known as a father determine not solely as a result of he was head of Hogwarts but additionally due to insightful and empathetic qualities. He retains his eyes on the large image, sees patterns others don’t, and may learn individuals’s emotions and the internal struggles they could not even verbalize. He’s a pure chief, compassionate, and future-oriented. His persona kind influences his skill to make the onerous selections which are vital for the higher good. It additionally reveals up in his skill to offer individuals simply the phrases they should hear to be motivated in the direction of their greater calling.

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Minerva McGonagall – ESTJ

ESTJ is Minerva McGonagall

Strict and no-nonsense, Professor McGonagall has all one of the best qualities of an ESTJ. She is logical, organized, and believes in following the principles. She is a good however agency trainer who at all times expects her college students to do their finest work. On the similar time, she will also be loyal and supportive of these whom she respects. She has an eye fixed for element and construction, rapidly and effectively fixing issues. Within the face of adversity, she is unwavering in her convictions and can do no matter it takes to guard her college students. She could also be a little bit of an old school stickler for guidelines, however her coronary heart is current in each second of the Harry Potter tales. Like most ESTJs, she reveals she cares by embracing accountability and adhering to strict ideas for the higher good of her college students.

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Rubeus Hagrid – ISFP

ISFP is Rubeus Hagrid

The mild large of the group, Hagrid has a gentle spot for any misunderstood creature who crosses his path. Like most ISFPs, Hagrid is keenly attuned to the world round him – to nature, animals, and alternatives. Variety and delicate, he’s a creature of his emotions and feelings. He’s fiercely loyal to these he loves, even prone to his personal security. Whereas he could not perceive why sure guidelines have to be adopted, Hagrid follows by way of with any process Dumbledore or Professor McGonagall assigns him out of loyalty and respect for the 2 elder lecturers. He has a particular knack for understanding creatures and empathizing with them. He at all times offers everybody the advantage of the doubt, even those that have completed him incorrect prior to now.

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Remus Lupin – INFJ

INFJ is Remus Lupin

Insightful and type, Professor Lupin is an instance of one of the best form of INFJ. He sees the world from a deep and intuitive perspective, and may sense Harry’s internal struggles with out them ever having to be voiced. His quiet, understanding countenance offers his college students a way of consolation and confidence once they’re dealing with their deepest fears. Like many INFJs, he has a deep understanding of individuals and may present perception into their fears and motivations in addition to their strengths. He leads individuals with a quiet energy, guiding by way of tailor-made recommendation reasonably than agency guidelines and laws. He’s mild but courageous, and a loyal buddy even within the darkest of occasions.

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Sirius Black – ESTP

ESTP is Sirius Black

Sirius is a traditional instance of an ESTP. Daring and daring, he has no concern of dangers and is keen to vary up his ways from one second to the subsequent to attain his objectives. Like most ESTPs, Black is an individual of motion and power. He resented being cooped up in Grimmauld Place and longed for freedom. He regarded for any strategy to get exterior, to DO one thing, even when it meant he risked getting thrown again in Azkaban. As an ESTP he’s quick-thinking and trusts his instincts, capable of give you artistic options on the fly. However his best asset is his loyalty: he’ll do something for these he loves, even when it means going in opposition to the regulation or dealing with down You-Know-Who himself.

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Severus Snape – INTJ

INTJ is Severus Snape

Severus Snape was a fancy character who stored his true emotions and motivations hidden for therefore lengthy he constantly baffled readers. We have been all too fast to think about him because the villain, when essentially he was a fiercely loyal protector of these he liked. He had all of the traditional traits of an INTJ, resembling his eager mind, sharp wit and penchant for technique and planning. He may suppose a number of steps forward in any scenario, capable of give you methods on the fly. Whereas he didn’t present his emotions in any form of apparent manner, he was deeply loyal to his values and to the individuals he liked. It is a typical high quality of INTJs; they really feel issues way more deeply than anybody can understand from the skin. One may factor an INTJ is chilly and fully stoic, however they’ve a capability for deep emotion and loyalty that usually surprises individuals.

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Sybill Trelawney – INFP

Sybill Trelawney

The wide-eyed professor of Divination is a reasonably eccentric model of an INFP. After all, some may argue that all INFPs are eccentric, however I’ve met a number of that aren’t so I don’t wish to generalize there. Both manner, Trelawney is an idealist at coronary heart, deeply related to her instinct and her internal beliefs. Like many INFPs, she’s blessed with the present of creativeness and may quickly concoct elaborate theories and tales in regards to the future. However beneath that eccentric exterior lies a delicate soul, simply damage by her college students’ lack of religion in her divination abilities and sometimes misunderstood by her friends. When given the possibility to show herself, she is at all times prepared to take action and can defend what she believes in with ardour and sincerity. Though she’s a bit flighty, Trelawney’s predictions have modified the course of Hogwarts historical past. In spite of everything, she was the primary particular person to prophecy how Harry Potter may in the end defeat Voldemort.

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Gilderoy Lockhart – ESFJ

ESFJ Gilderoy Lockhart

I’m sorry, ESFJs. Imagine me. Lockhart is a irritating instance of the ESFJ kind – however keep tuned for a greater ESFJ character additional on this text.

Lockhart showcases a few of the worst qualities of unhealthy ESFJs; and, particularly, an ESFJ with a 3 Enneagram kind. He fabricates tales to achieve social enchantment and status, and he has no qualms with taking credit score for the efforts of others. He has a knack for making himself look valiant and enticing and is charming with everybody he meets. Like most ESFJs, Lockhart is aware of how one can learn individuals and is aware of what impresses individuals. He’s conscious of social standing and what permits individuals to climb that standing ladder. He’s additionally conscious of particulars and tales from the previous, and makes use of these tales to encourage his personal wild tales. However in contrast to wholesome ESFJs, he’ll do no matter it takes to get forward – even when it means flat-out mendacity.

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Hermione Granger – ESTJ

ESTJ is Hermione Granger

Disciplined and no-nonsense, Hermione embodies all of the issues we love about ESTJs – and a few of the issues that may drive us a bit loopy. She is organized and dependable, usually taking it upon herself to remain on high of duties that want finishing. Her consideration to element is unparalleled – she has an encyclopedic reminiscence of the magical world and may recall any related info with ease. However her best asset is her skill to be a loyal buddy; she’s going to do something to stay up for her pals, even when it means risking her social standing or doable expulsion (gasp). Hermione’s robust work ethic, can-do angle, and hard shell blended with internal coronary heart are all qualities typical of ESTJs.

Ron Weasley – ESFP

ESFP is Ron Weasley

Pleasant, curious, and energetic, Ron Weasley is the traditional instance of an ESFP. Although he generally is a bit self-centered and jealous at occasions, his coronary heart is in the proper place. He loves having enjoyable and adventures, and is there to crack a perfectly-timed joke when the world round him appears grim and foreboding. Like most ESFPs, he’s fast to give you options on the fly. He’d reasonably do issues than sit round mulling over issues or dwelling on evaluation. Like most ESFPs, he’s additionally keen to bend the principles; going as far as to steal his dad’s automobile and fly it to Hogwarts in The Chamber of Secrets and techniques. He’s additionally fast to leap into motion and take dangers. Whereas he is perhaps fearful or jittery, he has the gumption to step up and do what’s proper for his pals and your complete wizarding world.

Harry Potter – ISFP

Harry Potter is an ISFP

Rubeus Hagrid and Harry Potter present us how two individuals with the identical persona varieties can present up in fully alternative ways. Completely different Enneagram varieties, completely different life experiences, and completely different passions all issue into how an individual behaves and is perceived.

Harry Potter is pushed by his convictions and values, and he’s not afraid to behave rashly if it means he’s standing up for what he believes is correct. He’s fiercely loyal to his family and friends, and is keen to danger all of it for the higher good. Whereas he retains a variety of his internal emotions non-public, his closest pals finally be taught that he’s pushed by an intense sense of justice, equity, and empathy. Like most Feeling-Perceivers, Harry’s feelings are deep and sophisticated however not often verbalized. He’s not effusive or showy together with his emotions; they simmer beneath the floor and present up extra in his actions than his phrases. Like most Perceivers, Potter is aware of how one can act within the second, make the most of alternatives, and act rapidly when threats are coming his manner. He’s additionally not afraid to name out injustice when he sees it, even when it means standing as much as authority.

Luna Lovegood – INTP

INTP is Luna Lovegood

Many individuals kind Luna as an INFP, and that’s truthful. Nonetheless, I discover her indifferent, analytical nature extra akin to Introverted Pondering than Introverted Feeling. She has shaped her personal imaginative interpretation of the world, primarily based on what she thinks is logically doable. When different college students harass her for being “bizarre” she appears unruffled and unperturbed. She’s additionally a scrupulous thinker, preferring to look at conditions earlier than forming her personal conclusions about them. Her off-beat humor and imaginative quirks make her seem absent-minded, however she’s really fairly sharp and may break concepts all the way down to all their logical elements very simply. When confronted with robust recollections from her previous, she seems dry, analytical, and indifferent from her personal feelings. It is a far cry from the extreme internal ardour of the INFP persona kind. INFPs are pushed by a sure internal conviction that’s fiery and intense; though much less apparent in an outward emotional sense. Luna Lovegood, in distinction, is curious however indifferent. She takes the time to discover choices earlier than forming any judgments, and seems to maneuver extra from the pinnacle than the center.

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Draco Malfoy – ESFJ

Draco Malfoy is an ESFJ

I do know everybody was ready with bated breath to see the notoriously “ENTJ” Draco Malfoy present up on my record. However sadly for the ESFJs, who I really suppose are superior individuals, they get to assert Draco Malfoy as their very own. Don’t fear! There may be an precise GOOD ESFJ additional into this text. However let’s speak about Draco. Why on the earth would this notoriously evil, villainous character be a feeler?!!

Properly, that’s the place Myers-Briggs stereotypes fall flat. You see. If no persona kind is inherently higher than one other, why are all of the villains solid as NTJs? Easy. Folks see lack of compassion and suppose “Thinker” when actually, compassion has nothing to do with Feeling or Pondering tendencies. At their finest, any varieties may be compassionate. At their finest, any varieties may be logical. We’ve got to look deeper at what actually drives an individual of their villainy.

So, again to Draco. What does he in the end care about? What drives all his selections? He cares about his personal repute, he cares about social standing, he cares in regards to the approval of these round him. That is all traditional unhealthy Extraverted Feeling. Draco defines himself by his relationships. His household title in addition to his household traditions are extremely vital to him. Whereas, sure, he’s merciless to Harry and the Weasley’s, he’s deeply loyal to the home of Slytherin, the Malfoy title, and the values he was raised to undertake. With all his faults, Draco is a socially fluent particular person and may learn individuals rapidly. He is aware of how one can be pleasant at occasions, interesting to what he believes will likely be peoples’ internal emotions and motivations. But at different occasions, he is aware of simply how one can twist the knife emotionally. An ENTJ (as Draco is usually typed), would have far much less perception into the emotional dynamics of others and how one can expertly exploit them. They’d be extra more likely to cost full-steam forward to their goals, specializing in duties and benchmarks reasonably than emotional manipulation.

One other notable facet of Draco’s persona is how his emotions are at all times directed outward. He struggles to know who he really is at his core. Slightly, he adopts the values of these round him – those that have raised him. You see this internal battle later within the Harry Potter collection, as he struggles with the evil duties he’s been given. It’s straightforward to see that he picks his values primarily based on the traditions he’s grown up with, however struggles to know the way he feels as a person. If Draco Malfoy had grown up in a household that taught him kindness and good values, I imagine he may have change into a superb wizard. And plenty of imagine there’s nonetheless hope for Draco on the finish of the collection.

Neville Longbottom – ISFJ

Neville Longbottom is an ISFJ

Though Neville is way from the antagonist that Draco Malfoy was in earlier books of the Harry Potter collection, he nonetheless struggles with internal confidence and braveness. He’s a loyal and accountable particular person, which may be seen in his dedication to defending Hogwarts. He bases his actions round internal emotions revolving across the previous, the place he skilled deep ache and rejection. Introverted and shy, he finds it onerous to claim himself or rise up for his repute. But as he grows and receives the assist and confidence of his pals, he evolves into somebody with braveness and an iron will. Caring and timid, he loves to assist others, and turns into some of the selfless and noble characters in your complete collection.

Nymphadora Tonks – ENFP

Nymphadora Tonks is an ENFP

Fiery and impulsive, Tonks is likely one of the most attention-grabbing characters within the Harry Potter universe. Like most ENFPs, she’s not afraid to be herself even when it means not becoming in with the group. Although a bit clumsy and unconventional, she has a creativity that helps her to skillfully adapt within the face of hazard. With an uncanny sense for the great in individuals, she shaped robust bonds with the opposite characters, particularly with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. She’s described as being ceaselessly curious, and gifted with a great humorousness. Tonks additionally depends on her internal values to information her; she has a deep perception that those that have the facility ought to do what is correct and simply.

Ginny Weasley – ESTP

Ginny Weasley is an ESTP

Film Ginny Weasley is a reasonably toned-down model of ebook Ginny Weasley. For this typing, we’re going to rely extra on the books than the films. Ginny is a pure risk-taker and doesn’t suppose twice about taking over troublesome conditions. She’s acquired the braveness to face down hazard, regardless of how daunting it might be. She’s additionally a grasp at studying individuals and conditions, shifting between feelings and techniques to suit no matter scenario she finds herself in. Regardless of being the youngest in a big household, she knew how one can rise up for herself and use resourcefulness to make issues occur. ESTPs are action-oriented, rational, and strong-willed – all of which may be seen in Ginny Weasley.

Lily Potter – ENFJ

Lily Potter is an ENFJ

Lily Potter is likely one of the most unsung heroes within the Harry Potter universe. She’s brave, passionate, and vigorous; she is keen to place her personal security on the road for these she loves. Not solely does she have bravery and dedication, but additionally an uncanny skill to learn individuals. This is the reason she was capable of empathize with Severus Snape even when others couldn’t. Her maturity, imaginative and prescient, and hope for people and the world is what made her so highly effective.

James Potter – ESTP

James Potter is an ESTP

Though James was a little bit of an smug bully as a youth, he finally grew right into a courageous, loyal and loving father. Mischievous and impulsive in childhood, he acquired a kick out of bullying individuals like Severus Snape. Lily, his future spouse, initially took a robust disliking to James, labeling him an “smug, bullying toerag.” Like most ESTPs, James Potter was extraordinarily observant, witty, and good at adapting to any scenario. He wished to have a great time greater than he wished to buckle down and deal with his research. He additionally confirmed a few of the trademark tertiary Extraverted Feeling of the ESTP; in a unfavorable manner when he tried to get reactions out of individuals by teasing or bullying. And positively, when he grew and matured, turning into extra thoughtful, supportive, and affirming.

Fred and George Weasley – ENTP

Fred and George Weasley are ENTPs

Fred and George Weasley are two of probably the most beloved characters within the Harry Potter collection. They have been mischievous, artistic, and provided the extreme collection a little bit of comedic reduction. As a pair, they shared many traits related to ENTPs; their sharp mind was showcased by way of their varied profitable enterprise ventures which got here to fruition regardless that they’d barely graduated from Hogwarts. In addition they had an eagerness to be taught new issues, query the established order, and check out modern new concepts. They have been at all times on the lookout for new methods to problem themselves and have enjoyable, in addition to encouraging others to do the identical. These twins embodied the spirit of innovation that ENTPs are well-known for.

Invoice Weasley – ISTP

Bill Weasley is an ISTP

Described by his father as hard-working and down-to-earth and by his youthful classmates as “cool” and laid-back, Invoice Weasley embodies a few of the finest qualities of the ISTP. He embraced journey, usually searching for out new and thrilling locations to discover and taking pleasure in novelty and pleasure. Invoice was additionally very analytical and skilled, performing effectively at school and utilizing his powers of arithmancy to decode numbers and break curses. This analytical skill to dig into codes and puzzles is a typical talent for Introverted Pondering varieties, resembling ISTPs and INTPs. And like all Sensing-Perceiving persona varieties, Invoice is easy, fun-loving, and practical.

Molly Weasley – ESFJ

Molly Weasley is an ESFJ

Okay, we’ve had two horrible ESFJs, now we come to at least one that we will all rally round. Molly Weasley exemplifies one of the best qualities of the ESFJ persona kind; she is nurturing, supportive, and protecting. Whereas at occasions she will be able to lose her cool, she is also fiercely loving and supportive. She scolds “for the higher good” one may say, and for the safety of the youngsters who’re concurrently driving her loopy and the objects of her intense affection. Molly can also be not afraid to face hazard for the sake of her values and the betterment of man and wizard alike. She was loyal and dedicated to her family and friends, and her need for justice and peace was unyielding. Molly was additionally an excellent communicator, capable of specific her emotions and opinions with down-to-earth readability. Her skill to be organized, caring, and accountable made her the perfect matriarch of the Weasley household.

Percy Weasley – ISTJ

Percy Weasley is an ISTJ

The final word rule-follower, Percy Weasley embodied the disciplined and hard-working ISTJ stereotype to a tee. He was logical, centered, and impressive. His onerous work paid off when he achieved his dream job within the Ministry of Magic. Obligation and loyalty have been paramount for Percy; he was not often swayed by emotion or sentimentality, as a substitute preferring to depend on details and logic when making selections. He additionally valued order, construction, and accountability. Though he usually ignored his household’s emotions in favor of obligation, Percy was largely a mannequin citizen who confirmed a dedication to his values and obligations.

Arthur Weasley – INTP

Arthur Weasley is an INTP

Arthur Weasley was the pinnacle of the Weasley household, and an ideal instance of an INTP. Pushed by his boundless curiosity, he liked to learn the way issues labored and why they have been the best way that they have been. He additionally had a robust sense of justice; he wished to know why sure individuals have been handled in another way than others and was keen to battle to make it possible for everybody was handled pretty. Arthur additionally had a substantial amount of persistence and an inherent ability for problem-solving; his tinkering with devices and machines allowed him to give you modern and inventive options. He additionally had a robust sense of morality, and sometimes sided with the underdog when it got here to resolution making. In sum, Arthur Weasley is a good instance of the INTP persona kind at their finest.

Oliver Wooden – ENTJ

Oliver Wood is an ENTJ

I’m so glad that there’s an ENTJ within the Harry Potter collection who isn’t merely a villain. Aren’t all of us bored with the ENTJ villain trope? In Oliver Wooden we get a glimpse of a standard, wholesome ENTJ within the wild. Oliver was decisive and assertive – at all times trying to take cost of a scenario. He additionally had huge plans, usually with the objective of constructing his workforce higher than ever earlier than. His ambition, drive, and willingness to make robust selections have been all traditional ENTJ traits. He pushed boundaries, challenged the established order, and labored onerous to ensure everybody was held accountable. He was an excellent chief, however in contrast to an ESTJ, was much less strict about guidelines and traditions. As a substitute, he centered on technique, mapping out long-term objectives, and bending guidelines he deemed pointless.

Dobby – INFP

Dobby is an INFP

Dobby is an uncommon house-elf. Slightly than following all the principles of his species, he follows his personal ethical code. This reveals up when he warns Harry Potter to not return to Hogwarts, regardless that his homeowners would by no means permit such a factor. Dobby’s sensitivity and eager for freedom set him aside from different home elves; most notably, the mean-spirited Kreacher. He’s a dreamer, and follows his coronary heart in the case of resolution making. He additionally has a robust sense of justice, and sometimes places himself in hurt’s manner simply to make it possible for others are handled pretty.

Lord Voldemort – ENTJ

Lord Voldemort is an ENTJ

Sorry, ENTJs. Sadly, there’s one villain who does, in actual fact, have your persona kind. Voldemort was a traditional unhealthy ENTJ; though “unhealthy” hardly does it justice. He was possible a sociopath on high of being an unhealthy ENTJ. He was totally ruthless and impressive, keen to do no matter it took in an effort to obtain his objectives – regardless of how many individuals he needed to damage within the course of. He was additionally extremely organized and strategic, capable of transfer his pawns round like a grasp chess participant. He was, in fact, extremely highly effective at the hours of darkness arts, although he usually relied on his methods and crafty to get out of tight spots. All in all, Voldemort is an ideal instance of why it’s vital for ENTJs to remain balanced and grounded (and never be sociopaths or dwell in darkish magic).

What Do You Suppose?

Did you take pleasure in this text? What are your favourite Harry Potter characters, and do you see a few of your self in them? Allow us to and different readers know within the feedback!

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