Natural Entire Milk Yogurt Label Fraud

Difficult labeling bait-and-switch to be careful for when shopping for natural, grassfed, unhomogenized entire milk yogurt from the shop.

labeling trick on container of organic whole milk yogurt

I just lately bought a container of natural, entire milk, unhomogenized grassfed yogurt once I ran out of my selfmade 24-hour yogurt.

I obtained completely scammed!

Take a look at what manufacturers are actually doing to supposedly “entire milk” yogurt.

These items is definitely lowfat!

On condition that lowfat yogurt is unhealthy particularly for pregnant ladies, it is a significant issue that buyers must know.

They’re watering down the entire milk with nonfat milk, however nonetheless calling it “entire milk” yogurt on the entrance of the label.

The Diet Details and elements labels reveal the deception on the entrance of the container.

That is the case even once you alter for the totally different serving sizes.

For instance, Nancy’s model of “entire milk yogurt” is 170 g per serving.

That is 69% of the 245 g per serving of Seven Stars entire milk yogurt.

Thus, the overall fats per serving for Nancy’s must be 7.6 g (69% of 11 g within the Seven Stars) but it’s only 6 grams.

This can be a 21% discount within the quantity of cream within the yogurt!


Nancy’s model is actually skimming off among the cream, cheapening the product and pretending it’s nonetheless entire milk yogurt when, in actual fact, the yogurt is now lowfat.

Purchaser beware. The degradation of our meals provide continues for ever and ever and this contains natural manufacturers.

Be in your toes and hold checking these labels even for manufacturers that you simply’ve bought for years.

Inflation and provide chain pressures are cheapening foodstuffs at a fast price.

Right here’s the total video of what I found beneath with a comparability to probably the greatest yogurt manufacturers to search for as an alternative.