Professor John Vervaeke — On Cultivating Knowledge, Discovering Circulate States, The Energy and Perils of Instinct, The 4 Methods of Realizing, Studying to Fall in Love with

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“Data is about overcoming ignorance. Knowledge is about overcoming foolishness. So that you perceive knowledge by understanding foolishness, and also you perceive foolishness as not similar to ignorance.”

— Professor John Vervaeke

John Vervaeke (@vervaeke_john) is a professor of psychology on the College of Toronto. He presently teaches programs on pondering and reasoning with an emphasis on cognitive growth, intelligence, rationality, mindfulness, and the psychology of knowledge.

Vervaeke is the director of UToronto’s Consciousness and Knowledge Research Laboratory and its Cognitive Science program, the place he teaches Introduction to Cognitive Science and The Cognitive Science of Consciousness, emphasizing the 4E mannequin, which contends that cognition and consciousness are embodied, embedded, enacted, and prolonged past the mind.

Vervaeke has taught programs on Buddhism and Cognitive Science within the Buddhism, Psychology, and Psychological Well being program for 15 years. He’s the creator and presenter of the YouTube sequence “Awakening from the Meaning Crisis” and his model new sequence, “After Socrates.”

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#657: Professor John Vervaeke — On Cultivating Knowledge, Discovering Circulate States, The Energy and Perils of Instinct, The 4 Methods of Realizing, Studying to Fall in Love with Actuality, and Extra

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  • [05:31] The 4 methods of understanding (4P).
  • [10:15] Affordances.
  • [13:04] Semantic reminiscence.
  • [13:37] Circulate.
  • [27:03] Did John discover Tai Chi, or did Tai Chi discover him?
  • [29:46] Leaving Christianity.
  • [34:42] Knowledge vs. data.
  • [36:54] Self-deception.
  • [41:53] When is logic the illogical selection for fixing an issue?
  • [46:05] The powers and perils of instinct.
  • [55:05] Recognizing patterns that want breaking.
  • [59:18] Meditation vs. contemplation.
  • [1:05:30] Misunderstanding love.
  • [1:06:36] Circling.
  • [1:12:28] “God is expounded to the world the best way the thoughts is expounded to the physique.”
  • [1:14:34] A non-theist within the no-thingness.
  • [1:24:03] Responsive poiesis and Sufism.
  • [1:27:31] Neoplatonism.
  • [1:29:16] Seminal moments.
  • [1:31:36] Pierre Hadot.
  • [1:32:43] Two books.
  • [1:34:38] Potent poetry.
  • [1:37:40] The 4 Es.
  • [1:42:38] Two bonus Es.
  • [1:45:24] Heretical beliefs.
  • [1:54:12] Panpsychism.
  • [2:00:56] Most uncommon modes of cognition.
  • [2:02:37] Jordan Peterson.
  • [2:10:27] Opponent processing.
  • [2:13:53] help associates endeavoring to steer significant lives.
  • [2:17:50] After Socrates.
  • [2:21:44] Western phrases.
  • [2:25:11] John’s altering perspective of skilled actuality.
  • [2:28:01] One thing outdated, one thing new.


“Data is about overcoming ignorance. Knowledge is about overcoming foolishness. So that you perceive knowledge by understanding foolishness, and also you perceive foolishness as not similar to ignorance.”
— John Vervaeke

“Cease demonizing any college and cease deifying any college. Your instinct will lead you as a lot incorrect as your motive, as a lot incorrect as your feelings, as a lot incorrect as your logic.”
— John Vervaeke

“The very processes that make us clever downside solvers [and] make us so adaptive are the exact same processes that make us susceptible to self-deceptive, self-destructive conduct.”
— John Vervaeke

“We decide up on every kind of complicated patterns that aren’t actual and we type intuitions round them, however once we don’t like our instinct, we don’t name it instinct, we name it bias or prejudice or racism or sexism or an entire bunch of different issues.”
— John Vervaeke

“Logic doesn’t let you know methods to go from a weaker logic to a stronger logic. I can do all of the doable manipulations inside predicate logic and it gained’t get me to motor logic. I’ve to do one thing outdoors of that to truly improve my logical competence. So there’s no panacea.”
— John Vervaeke

“Sure, your feelings can lead you astray, however attempt dwelling with out them and see how rational you might be.”
— John Vervaeke

“I don’t just like the argument that goes, ‘Consciousness is bizarre, quantum is bizarre, subsequently consciousness is quantum.’ That’s simply ridiculous. Now, panpsychism is a distinct factor. And also you don’t need to be satisfied about quantum stuff to be a panpsychist.”
— John Vervaeke


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