The Myers-Briggs® Character Sorts of the Howl’s Shifting Fort Characters

Howl’s Shifting Fort has lengthy been one in every of my favourite Studio Ghibli films. The nuanced characters, wealthy animation, and heartwarming story give me a sense of satisfaction and marvel. In right this moment’s article, we’re exploring the persona forms of the characters on this film. I hope you’ll get pleasure from it!

Take into accout, not all 16 Myers-Briggs® persona sorts are represented in Howl’s Shifting Fort. I couldn’t discover any INFJ, INFP, ENTP, INTP or ISTJ characters.

Bear in mind, this text might include spoilers as to varied plot factors in Howl’s Shifting Fort.

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The Myers-Briggs® Character Sorts of the Howl’s Shifting Fort Characters

Howl Jenkins Pendragon (ENFJ)

ENFJ Wizard Howl

Howl comfortably manages the individuals round him with a powerful taste of Extroverted Feeling (Fe). This cognitive operate is the dominant operate of the ENFJ and offers them an consciousness of interpersonal interactions and feelings. When Howl saves Sophie from the invasive troopers who hit on her, Howl tells her, “Don’t maintain it in opposition to them” in a cheery method. Howl is at all times seeking to handle the emotional realm round him. All of Howl’s social corrections include a clean ease and consideration for the opposite speaker at hand.

When Howl finds Sophie (now an outdated lady) within the shifting fortress, Howl is nice and welcoming. He accepts her into the fold shortly, serving to her make breakfast and together with her beneath the label “good friend” alongside Calcifer and Markl, who he appears to have identified for a considerably better period of time. Regardless of making the meal for everybody else, Howl barely eats off of his personal plate earlier than giving Calcifer nearly all of his breakfast and telling him to maneuver the fortress. Howl seems fairly giving to and accepting of the individuals in his realm. Essentially the most excessive instance is perhaps most witnessable when Sophie virtually kills Calcifer as she’s cleansing (she places him right into a pot in order that she will be able to clear out the ashes across the fireplace) and Howl tells Sophie kindly, “I’d admire it if you happen to didn’t torment my good friend.” Howl’s corrections are at all times very refined and conscious of how far he can push, permitting a number of individuals to get their wants met via the identical socially corrective message. Even throughout what may very well be heated discussions with Madame Suliman, Howl retains the social ambiance calm and accommodating. It’s unclear if Howl holds robust, inherent values as one would anticipate from an Introverted Feeling (FP) kind —other than the second he tells Sophie that she’s his purpose to battle—however his managing of individuals is witnessed repeatedly. The one time Howl loses his sense of social mobility is when logic is introduced into play when Sophie arranges and orders Howl’s shampoo bottles, to his dismay.

Howl usually depends on his inside sense of figuring out and random “aha” moments for data, as robust Introverted Instinct (Ni) customers do. Howl one way or the other “is aware of” that Sophie has a letter in her pocket from the Witch of the Waste. Sophie is stunned when he’s appropriate as she had no thought the letter was there. Whereas chatting with Sophie at one other level, Howl says out of the blue, “The Witch of the Waste is looking for my fortress.” And he’s appropriate. Howl has a “sudden” realization that Sophie may go to the fortress disguised as his mom in order that he doesn’t need to face Madame Suliman who he’s “afraid of,” though Howl doesn’t clue Sophie in on the truth that he may even arrive to the palace disguised as properly. Viewers don’t, in reality, see any brainstorming—as one would anticipate from an Extroverted Instinct (Ne) consumer—from Howl in any respect. All of Howl’s concepts appear to come back from inside, from out of nowhere. This is able to make him an Intuitive-Judging persona kind relatively than an Intuitive-Perceiving persona kind.

Howl has Sophie fly the aircraft to get away from Madame Suliman and upon return to the shifting fortress he states, “I knew she would make an amazing pilot.” Howl can also be fairly adept at telling from a mere look whether or not or not somebody is beneath a spell. He “knew” Sophie was beneath a spell, simply as he “knew” Turnip Head (Prince Justin) was. Whereas Prince Justin’s curse was apparent—there aren’t many pogo-stick scarecrows hopping round—Sophie’s was not. She may have been any aged lady off the overwhelmed path, and but Howl knew she had a curse on her. Howl additionally does a little bit of future-prospecting as when he reveals Sophie his “secret backyard” stuffed with flowers. “I’m setting you up as a way to have a cushty life,” he says and tells her she may open up a flower store. “I’m certain you’d be good at it.” Howl appears to have identified Sophie wanted to acknowledge the world, whether or not or not he died within the conflict, as a result of she had visited him in his youth. Howl trusted the intuitive time loop.

Howl is commonly tempted by bodily magnificence and clearly overestimates his personal bodily talents to the detriment of his personal well being, which may be attributed to decrease ranges of Extroverted Sensing (Se). Howl’s love of magnificence is well-known. The store women gossip that Howl “tears lady’s hearts out” however “he solely preys on fairly women.” Howl at one level chides to Sophie, “You’re carrying THAT hat, after all of the magic I used to make your costume fairly?” Howl appears involved with aesthetic, however tends to privilege it an excessive amount of initially. When Sophie asks what occurred between Howl and the Witch of the Waste, Howl states “She was as soon as fairly lovely, so I attempted to pursue her. Then I spotted she wasn’t, so I ran away.” Howl clearly values externals, which, if adopted too far, can lead him to ignore its inner properties. Howl’s bodily overexertion is seen time and time once more when Howl returns from flight bleeding and totally exhausted. Even Calcifer, a relatively blunt character that doesn’t present a lot compassion, tells Howl, “You okay? You odor horrible.” Sophie is very often involved with the extent of exertion Howl makes use of and its after impacts that go away Howl sprawled within the tub, exhausted. He appears to have an entire lack of sense for his personal inside physique consciousness, to the purpose of blindness. This is quite common with ENFJ and ENTJ persona sorts.

Whereas Howl is anxious about exerting pressure and manipulating the surroundings to his will, he has little, if any consciousness of family maintenance and upkeep, as one would anticipate from an Introverted Sensing (SJ) kind. When Howl asks Sophie who employed her, Sophie claims Calcifer did “as a result of he’s disgusted by how soiled it’s in right here.” Howl merely says “Hmm,” seemingly unaware of the miles of cobwebs in his dwelling. At one other level, after Sophie rams the aircraft into the wall of the shifting fortress she states, “If I simply grasp somewhat curtain right here [over the hole in the brick wall], Howl received’t discover.” She’s appropriate in that he most likely received’t discover as he’s utterly oblivious to how his surroundings “ought to” be. Howl additionally doesn’t appear to care about whether or not or not Sophie cleans. He by no means sought out a maid as he didn’t suppose his fortress was an issue, as-is.

Logic is the world sorely missing from Howl’s demeanor, which in his case appears to be a low use of Introverted Pondering (Ti). Whereas Howl is totally blind to sensory upkeep, he can exert himself on the surroundings with fairly a little bit of power along with his Se. An excessive amount of power, in reality. Nevertheless, he appears to don’t have any conception of logical order or rationality, which appears to set him aside from Madame Suliman most. Howl’s lowest level within the movie isn’t when he’s overwhelmed to shreds in conflict. His private breakdown happens when Sophie rearranges bottles within the rest room by imposing logical order and results in Howl utilizing the unsuitable bottle. His hair turns from blond to orange. “I particularly ordered you to not get carried away,” Howl virtually yells, “now I’m repulsive.” Howl cries and continues, “I can’t dwell like this.” Sophie tries to reassure him that his hair isn’t so dangerous, however Howl ignores her, stating, “I see no level in dwelling if I can’t be lovely.” Shadows pour into the room and shake the home. Whether or not which means to or not, Howl calls within the spirits of darkness via his grief at his modified hair colour. Markl notes that the one time Howl did this earlier than was when a woman dumped him. Howl appears to expertise an entire lack of worth if he isn’t likable or lovely to the individuals round him. It appears Howl can get away with (and has) ignoring sensory upkeep in his dwelling and well being as a result of an absence of each hasn’t harm his functioning as it’d an ENxP, however when he’s met with a standardized sense of order and responsibility, Howl’s sense of self breaks down. Howl has no inner system of rules to base his actions upon. He tends to utilize his charming personability and magic potential to get his wants met, however he doesn’t have a steady framework or guidelines on which to construct up the right way to dwell. When the one rule he appears to have—so as to be favored, one have to be lovely, so as to be priceless, one have to be favored— is examined, he utterly breaks down. Howl in any other case disregards most guidelines, which in the end hang-out him. Howl appears to have spent a very good portion of his days operating from the duties he signed up for when he labored with Madame Suliman and purchased his talent in magic. Howl appears to suppose the principles don’t apply to him in any strict sense and claims the standing of “coward” when he chooses to not adhere to legalities. Howl claims it’s Sophie’s presence which provides him the power to face all the things he must relatively than his personal sense of a regular code.

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Sophie Hatter (ESTJ)

Sophie Hatter ESTJ

Sophie is never involved about mincing phrases and states her thoughts with a agency assurance typically, which is commonly appear with robust Extroverted Pondering (Te). When the Witch of the Waste comes into the store after hours and begins choosing on Sophie, Sophie retains her cool and firmly tells the witch the store is closed. Fairly a daring transfer for somebody who is aware of that the witch isn’t a “good” particular person and likes to drag methods on individuals.

Sophie is initially upset by the Witch of the Waste’s spell that transforms Sophie into an aged lady, however she shortly assimilates to the fact of the scenario and manages to normalize her new state in life. She tells herself, “I’ve acquired to remain calm,” and works together with her new, older physique as a result of the spell is in the end out of her management.

Sophie doesn’t wallow over her lack of youth, which appears to feed into her annoyance at Howl when he complains, “I can’t dwell this fashion” when his hair has merely shifted colour. Sophie goes as far as to say, “He’s positive, he’s simply throwing a tantrum,” when Howl feels defeated due to his hair. Sophie is supremely sensible and environment friendly. She even manages to discover a optimistic end result of turning into outdated: “Your garments lastly go well with you,” she says to herself.

On her journey into the countryside, Sophie finds a stick she will be able to use for a cane, however when she pulls on it, she discovers Turnip Head. Regardless of this revelation that the stick is definitely a scarecrow determine, Sophie’s pragmatic nature is revealed right here as she makes use of no matter is round her to achieve her ends in an efficient method. Howl and Sophie are eons aside in how they strategy each individuals and the world. In contrast to excessive Extroverted Feeling (Fe) customers who handle the social realm with ease and heat, Sophie does neither. Upon entry into the shifting fortress, Sophie says, “What a dump. Once I suppose fortress, this isn’t what I image.” This, and a number of other different cases, get at how a lot Sophie lacks Extraverted Feeling.

Carl Jung states within the Extroverted Feeling part of Psychological Sorts, “A sense judgment is an act of adjustment…A portray, for example, known as “lovely” as a result of a portray hung in a drawing room and bearing a widely known signature is mostly assumed to be lovely, or as a result of to name it “hideous” would presumably offend the household of its lucky possessor, or as a result of the customer desires to create a nice feeling ambiance.” Sophie, given the identical alternative of getting into one’s dwelling as Carl Jung describes, utterly denounces what she sees. “What a dump,” are her very phrases. Sophie may care much less what individuals really feel about her phrases, to the extent it’s each baffling and humorous as a result of what she declares is so sudden. So in opposition to how one “ought to” converse as a visitor. Sophie doesn’t “regulate” herself for anybody. When Sophie begins to cook dinner breakfast, Calicfer (who’s the hearth/food-heating supply of the house) says he’s not taking any order from her. Regardless of his refusal, Sophie pressures him to anyway, threatening that she is going to inform Howl about their deal (for Calcifer and Sophie to interrupt one another’s curses) or to place water on Calcifer if he doesn’t work for her. Sophie silences Calcifer’s additional arguments with the pan she makes use of to cook dinner on high of him.

Sophie makes use of weighted techniques to get her manner, not heat and the manipulation of social ease as Howl does. Outcomes and outcomes matter to Sophie. Everybody must eat and Calcifer is going to assist in that matter, no questions on it. When Sophie goes to see Madame Suliman, and Heen (the canine) approaches her, Sophie assumes it’s Howl, stating, “Howl, you disguised your self as an outdated canine? You couldn’t consider one thing extra helpful?” Sophie’s prioritization of usefulness and use of individuals comes out time and time once more. She’s really the primary to catch that Madame Suliman is making an attempt to steal the powers of witches and wizards far earlier than anybody else does as Sophie has a excessive consciousness of getting issues out of individuals. Sophie additionally spends nearly all of the movie downside fixing.

Sophie’s desire for Introverted Sensing (Si) comes into play typically. At first of the movie, the opposite women on the store ask Sophie to come back out with them, however Sophie tells them she desires to complete the job she’s engaged on. The completion of tasks follows Sophie’s each motion. She doesn’t begin one thing she can’t end. Sophie seems set in her routines to the purpose most individuals in her realm will not be stunned when she refuses to exit into the world with them for enjoyable as a result of she has work to do. Previous to her journey into the countryside, Sophie preps for it by packing a snack of bread and cheese for her lengthy journey. Sophie is aware of she will probably be hungry on the street and may already anticipate what her physique will want earlier than leaving to maintain it balanced—a stark distinction from Howl who couldn’t let you know what his physique wanted if you happen to gave him a thousand {dollars}. Sophie’s persona may simply be summarized as “clear all the things, all over the place, dutifully and aggressively.” Sophie is a tireless work horse who units about “fixing” no matter mess she finds herself in, so as to set up homeostasis for the surroundings. Sophie may be very expert and has an eye fixed for upkeep.

Sophie has a bittersweet relationship with Extroverted Instinct (Ne). All through Howl’s Shifting Fort, poor Sophie is thrown into a number of sudden conditions that go away her reeling till she grabs a foothold together with her effectiveness. Sophie is relatively uncomfortable when the Troopers at the start of the movie hit on her, till Howl saves her from the boys and throws her into one other sudden scenario: flying. Sophie is afraid, however calms when Howl tells her what to do. Howl’s confidence in his personal magic talents slowly offers Sophie confidence in him as properly. Sophie, like everybody else within the movie, is very conscious of Howl’s desire for lovely girls. This fuels Sophie’s insecurity about her personal desirability and feedback a number of occasions all through the movie how she is “protected” from Howl as a result of she isn’t what he’s in search of. Howl in the end tells Sophie she is lovely, however she doesn’t imagine him. Sophie doesn’t see her personal potential as an individual past what she’s come to know, not to mention her robust qualities that may make her an amazing companion. Sophie may “weave a narrative” (lie) pretty shortly. When Howl asks Sophie why she’s within the shifting fortress, she claims Calcifer employed her. When the Witch of the Waste asks Sophie why she’s on the fortress, Sophie says, “I’m right here on the palace to search for different jobs as a result of I’m sick of working for Howl.” One other lie, nevertheless it does the job properly sufficient to get by.

Whereas Sophie is fast to talk her thoughts, her feelings are hardly ever expressed—a standard prevalence for ESTJs—till the top of the movie when all the things is falling aside. Sophie’s emotional realm seems relatively non-public and but deep. Lettie Hatter (Sophie’s sister) tells Sophie, “Do you actually wish to spend the remainder of your life in that hat store?” Sophie in return states, “The store was so vital to father and I’m the eldest, I don’t thoughts.” Lettie then reminds Sophie to “do one thing for your self for as soon as.”

Sophie is clearly dutiful and cares about retaining true to her bonds, however doesn’t convey how a lot these bonds really imply to her. When Sophie is remodeled into an outdated lady by the spell, she doesn’t ask her mom Fanny Hatter to come back in and assist her. Sophie desires to take care of the feelings and her estrangement from her typical reflection herself. That is the everyday manner for an ESTJ to handle feelings. Sophie doesn’t search exterior consolation and emotional validation from others in any sense. A person at one level provides to assist Sophie down the steps. Sophie says, “I’ll be positive, however thanks for providing…” and when he can now not hear her she says, “that was actually sort.”

Sophie acknowledges the efforts of others, however doesn’t at all times specific what these efforts imply to her. Sophie will, at occasions, give character compliments (with some rational criticisms connected), as she does right here with reference to Howl, “He could also be egocentric and cowardly, and typically he’s onerous to know, his intentions are good. He simply desires to be free,” however her private emotions will not be usually spoken except harshly pressed. Sophie’s lowest factors within the movie needed to do together with her relationship to Howl. Why? Most likely as a result of she cherished him, which she wasn’t totally conscious of till the Witch of the Waste acknowledged it. The viewer can see Sophie’s aged-self develop into younger once more every time she shares a mushy second with Howl, however Sophie herself can’t see it. That visible sense appears to reflect Sophie’s personal strategy to her care and consideration: Sophie reveals up for the individuals in her life dutifully however doesn’t understand that it’s love and care that’s motivating her must preserve all the things operating.

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Calcifer (ENTJ)

Calcifer ENTJ

Calcifer reveals strengths in Extroverted Pondering (Te) and Introverted Instinct (Ni). Working within the background of the plot is a mysterious deal that Howl and Calcifer share. One which Calcifer particularly regrets as he appears to not have anticipated what his lived expertise would equate to following the imaginative and prescient they shared for it. Calcifer repeatedly complains about how onerous it’s to work with Howl and feels nobody else is placing in any effort stating, “Nobody else does any work round right here.” Calcifer doesn’t have a lot concern over retaining a nice ambiance between individuals—one thing him and Sophie join over as neither seems offended when the blunt reality is acknowledged.

Sophie and Calcifer shortly make a deal that they are going to attempt to break one another’s curses, however when Sophie falls asleep throughout their chat Calcifer calls out to Sophie in a stream of rude “hey’s” to get her consideration, “Hey, girl. Hi there, girl! Hey Hey Hey!” Nevertheless, Sophie stays asleep and Calcifer says, “Some massive enable you to’re gonna be.” Calcifer doesn’t mince phrases. He has little concern over how others will interpret his statements. When Sophie forces Calcifer to cook dinner breakfast with out his consent, Calcifer states, “Right here’s one other curse, might all of your bacon burn.”

Calcifer, very similar to Howl, sees Sophie and “is aware of” she is beneath a curse. He additionally one way or the other “is aware of” and publicizes which door is being knocked on earlier than Markl reaches the door. When Sophie removes Calcifer from the fortress he states, “Be certain that I am going out final Sophie, I’m undecided what’s going to occur, however I’m certain it received’t be good.” He’s appropriate in that the fortress collapses with out him in it. The one time Calcifer is completely satisfied earlier than he’s let out is when Sophie compliments him for his onerous work at shifting the fortress. “She likes my spark!”

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Turnip Head / Prince Justin (ISFP)

ISFP Turnip Head

Turnip Head is a sort, thoughtful, typically nice scarecrow who tangibly helps Sophie each step of her journey. His actions seem closely coated with Introverted Feeling (Fi) and Extroverted Sensing (Se), the 2 major capabilities of the ISFP. From the second Sophie initially helps him upright, he’s by her aspect. Regardless of Sophie telling him to go away her be and there’s no must thank her, he follows after her.

Turnip Head, figuring out Sophie was wanting to make use of him as a strolling employees when she first units him upright, presents Sophie a cane. Sophie asks if he can do her yet another favor and discover her a spot to remain. He finds her Howl’s Shifting Fort and brings it to her. When Sophie can’t discover the entryway to the door, Turnip head reveals Sophie the place the door to the fortress is so she will be able to get in. Turnip Head grabs Sophie her shall when she unintentionally drops it on the best way into the fortress. Later, Turnip head will get caught within the aspect of the fortress and Sophie helps him be upright with Markl a second time. Sophie says, “He retains following me all over the place, he appears to have taken a liking to me.” Turnip Head jumps to assist Markl and Sophie with the clothesline, holding it for them to dry within the wind. Sophie at one level says to Markly, “You’re proper, be most likely is a demon. However he led me right here, so possibly he’s the great sort.”

When Sophie goes out into the rain and cries that she’s not lovely after her confrontation with Howl, Turnip Head instantly seems with an umbrella to maintain her free from the rain. He additionally helps the group free the aircraft from the shifting fortress with the rope tied round his stick. After Calcifer is free and the shoddy board falls down the mountain with nearly all of the characters on it, Turnip Head jumps down and tries to cease it earlier than the group dies. Turnip Head repeatedly reveals as much as assist achieve tangible outcomes regardless of not having a voice himself. As soon as Sophie kisses Turnip Head, he transforms into Prince Justin as a result of Sophie was his real love. Nevertheless, Sophie is in love with Howl.” The Witch of the Waste states, “Appears to be like like your real love is in love with another person.” Prince Justin states in return, “One factor you may at all times rely on is that hearts change, in order quickly as this conflict is over I shall return.”

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Markl (ENFP)

ENFP Markl

Markl is a playful, wizard-in-training who attaches to the individuals in his life strongly and goes out of his solution to tangibly assist them. Extroverted Instinct (Ne) and Introverted Feeling (Fi) colour his actions. Markl practices his magic by taking up a distinct persona as the necessity arises. He is ready to manipulate himself into what the scenario at hand wants.

Markl’s attachments are robust. When Markl first sees Sophie, he states, “What do you suppose you’re doing right here, grandma?” He shortly grows annoyed with retaining after her, telling her to cease wandering round. Nevertheless, Markl is impressed when Sophie will get Calcifer to cook dinner as a result of solely Howl has been ready to try this. Slowly, his respect for Sophie builds as he witnesses her actual capabilities and shortly follows Sophie wherever she goes to assist her full duties.

In contrast to Sophie, Markl isn’t the cleanest particular person. He races as much as his room to cover the issues he doesn’t need her to see earlier than she will be able to begin her intense routine, figuring out she will probably be sad with what she finds and never eager to disappoint her. When Howl is so depressed about his hair that he’s dripping ooze all over the place, Markle asks for Sophie’s assist with Howl as a result of he trusts her. Markle reveals his true coronary heart in blatant methods. Markl kindly interrupts Sophie whereas she’s stitching and tells her to not fear about Howl being gone as a result of he tends to go away for days on finish. He desires to consolation her. When Sophie’s mom comes to go to, Markl pleads with Sophie to not go away. He grabs her skirts and says, “I really like you, it’s important to keep.”

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Witch of the Waste (ESFP)

ESFP Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste is daring, blunt, and whereas she doesn’t concern herself with social niceties, she will be able to see pretty deeply into one other particular person’s emotional realm. Extroverted Sensing (Se) and Introverted Feeling (Fi) appear her strongest components. These are the highest two psychological capabilities of the ESFP.That stated, the Witch of the Waste is a reasonably unhealthy model of this sort.

When the witch first encounters Sophie she states, “What a cheesy store. I’ve by no means seen such cheesy little hats, but you’re by far the tackiest factor right here.” After Sophie tells her to go away, the witch casts a spell on her simply to ship Howl a message. She can also be clear about her intentions and what she desires. She tells almost each character she runs into that her major aim is to take Howl’s coronary heart. Individuals typically concern her as a result of she is keen to solid spells on others to fulfill her ends. The Witch of the Waste likes being carried round by her minions and is postpone when she has to stroll up the countless palace stairs. The witch won’t wish to exert herself, however she does indulge within the sensory. When Sophie tells the witch to give up smoking the cigar from Madam Suliman as a result of it’s smoking up the home for everybody, the witch states, “Don’t deny an outdated lady her pleasures.” The witch is way calmer after her powers are taken away, though she nonetheless desires Howl’s coronary heart. She does snatch at Howl’s coronary heart when she lastly will get the possibility, however offers it to Sophie when she asks. Of all of the characters, the Witch of the Waste is the primary to overtly acknowledge that Sophie is in love with Howl, which Sophie had a tough time admitting to herself.

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The King of Ingary (ESTP)

ESTP King of Ingary

The King solely states one line within the movie: “I’ve acquired a brand new battle plan, this time we’re gonna beat him to a pulp!” There appears to be a privileging of energetic pressure and tactical data over the human aspect of conflict, which appear consistent with robust Extroverted Sensing (Se) and Introverted Pondering (Ti). Madame Suliman’s remark that Howl’s disguised model of the King is “so eloquent” appears to convey that the (actual) King has a a lot rougher demeaner than Howl was portraying.

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Madame Suliman (INTJ)

INTJ Madame Suliman

Madam Suliman, the king’s cool-headed Head Sorceress, appears to privilege Introverted Instinct (Ni) and Extroverted Pondering (Te). Even beneath strain, Suliman doesn’t develop into emotionally reactive. Her astuteness offers her the grace of excellent planning. Madam Suliman’s potential to look forward permits her to anticipate the motives of her “enemies.” She finds a solution to convey magic-bearers to the fortress in order that she will be able to steal and make the most of their energy. Along with her strategical techniques, she forces the Witch of the Waste to stroll up tons of of stairs to the palace, weakening her within the course of. The witch’s powers are taken afterwards. Suliman appears to tackle an advisory function with most of her counterparts and even acknowledges Howl’s strengths and capabilities to Sophie. Suliman states, “Howl was the final apprentice I ever took on. I’ve by no means seen such a gifted pupil. I used to be thrilled to search out somebody gifted sufficient to interchange me.” Though the Sorceress admires Howl’s expertise, she doesn’t imagine he’s utilizing magic appropriately. She even claims he has been utilizing his magic “for fully egocentric causes” versus serving to the dominion in wartime. Suliman instantly “is aware of” that Howl is impersonating the king. She merely tells the false king that he’s being “so eloquent” versus his common method.

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Heen (ISTP)

Heen is a non-expressive pup who principally speaks in coughs. Heen seems motivated by Introverted Pondering (Ti) and Extroverted Sensing (Se). Sophie believes Heen is definitely Howl in disguise and so carries Heen up the steps. Sophie learns that he’s an errand canine for Madame Suliman, however Heen in the end chooses to return to the shifting fortress with Sophie and Howl. When Sophie begins crying, unsure of what to do to assist Howl, Heen barks and signifies Sophie ought to have a look at her ring. The ring in the end guides Sophie to the place she must be. When Madame Suliman discovers that Heen’s allegiances have certainly modified, Heen doesn’t present a lot concern at her response.

Honey (Fanny Hatter) (ESFP)

ESFP Fanny Hatter

Honey (Sophie’s mom) is at all times on the transfer, searching for out one journey after the subsequent, very similar to fellow Extroverted Sensing (Se) and Introverted Feeling (Fi) customers love to do. She likes to journey and, from Sophie’s response to her, isn’t constantly round. Upon arrival to the hat store, Honey instantly reveals off her hat to the ladies, happy with its magnificence. When Sophie transforms into an outdated lady and tells Honey she is going to keep in mattress all day in order that her mother can go on, Honey doesn’t battle her on it. “You sound ghastly, like a 90-year-old lady…properly, if you happen to insist” and leaves with out a lot guilt.

Honey doesn’t appear to be the nurturing kind. Later within the movie, Honey runs to Sophie and cries. Honey says, “Thank goodness you’re right here. I searched all over the place for you. Have a look at your, face you’re so outdated. Everybody’s saying it’s my fault that you simply left…You’ll forgive me, received’t you? Oh Sophie.” Honey seems involved with how others are viewing her relatively than how her daughter has been. Sophie in the end comforts Honey, relatively than the opposite manner round, as if it’s a common prevalence. Honey then states, “I forgot to let you know…I acquired married once more! He’s a pleasant man and filthy wealthy too so we are able to all dwell collectively once more!” Sophie says, “I really like dwelling right here.” To which Honey responds, “Actually?” Your complete alternate showcases Honey’s desire for the fabric tradition and an virtually lack of ability to see worth in one thing if it doesn’t current journey or cash. After Honey leaves, we uncover that the Madame Suliman put Honey as much as the encounter and Honey merely adopted via with it. “I did what I used to be advised, now take me to my husband…Forgive me, Sophie.” Sophie, upon her mom’s departure states, “Not less than she cared sufficient to go to.” Little does Sophie know that Honey solely got here by as a result of she was coerced.

Once more, Honey is a relatively unhealthy model of an ESFP. Wholesome ESFPs are way more compassionate and accountable than the representations present in Howl’s Shifting Fort.

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Lettie Hatter (ESFJ)

ESFJ Lettie Hatter

Lettie seems approachable and sort, as many excessive Extroverted Feeling (Fe) and Introverted Sensing (Si) customers do. When viewers first see Lettie, she is entertaining a big group of males who her need her consideration as she sells them sweet. She seems likable and giving. When Lettie hears that Sophie has simply come into the constructing from the air with Howl, Lettie races to her and reveals her concern, ensuring she is all proper. Lettie and Sophie stroll to a number of places whereas speaking. Everybody Lettie runs into appears to know her title or supply her assist—as the person who provided using his workplace did. Lettie in the end tells Sophie she must be extra cautious and that Howl or the Witch of the Waste may have harm her.

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Howl’s Fort (ENFP)

ENFP Howl's Castle

Howl’s Fort is creative and type of thrown along with varied items shifting in numerous instructions, however like Extroverted Instinct (Ne) capabilities. The truth that the home strikes is kind of intuitive because it’s doing one thing far completely different than a home is usually used for. The entrance door of the home may “change” to completely different outlets primarily based on a colour wheel. Introverted Feeling (Fi) comes into play on the home’s dissolution. The home collapses when the guts (Calcifer) is gone. Though the home is sporadically put collectively, love is at its core. There’s no logical mechanism holding it in place.

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Jami Cannon
Jami Cannon is an MBTI® fanatic who hopes to shed extra mild on the distinctive experiences of less-talked about sorts. She holds a really stereotypical diploma in Historical past (MA) and likes to study all she will be able to concerning the individuals round her.